Tired of Eating Jerky that has the Texture of Shoe Leather?
Want Jerky that contains No Preservatives,
No added MSG, No Nitrites, No Erythorbate,
No Artificial Ingredients & is only Minimally Processed
from the Finest Hormone-Free Cattle in the World?

Hi, my name is Daniel Reeder
I’ve Got Access To:
The Best Jerky On The Planet!
Before I teleport you to where you can find it,
I've got something to share with you, that I really believe is


NOTE: This Offer Available In USA Only At This Time.

A Few Questions:

1. Do You Like Jerky-Products?
2. Would You Like To Own a Business
----with literally NO INVESTMENT?
3. Would you like your own Webstore;
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4. Would you like the ability to buy Great
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5. Would you like to deal with a Well-----
Established company that Drop-Ships
product for:

$1.98 Shipping On Standard Orders??
If you answered YES to any of the above questions:


Is the Portal to an amazing business
opportunity, that is literally yours for the asking.

Now you’re probably thinking:

Yeah Right!

This Can’t possibly be true.

What’s the

This is a
Gimick, Right?

There must be a
Startup Fee to sign up - Right?

If this is so
EASY, why isn’t EVERYONE doing this?


This Last Question actually leads
to the
Answer as to why you’ll be
running your own successful business
NO Time! at all.

Almost Everyone loves Jerky in one form
or another. It is high in Protein & low in
Fat, and is probably one of the most
snack foods available. It is
delicious; and is consumed quickly. It’s a
to many of the
“Junk Foods” out there, -great for kids &
grownups alike.

This is why once people buy Jerky Products
from you, many will choose to
buy at least one bag per month on an
ongoing basis. You, in turn, will receive a
20% commission check each month for
Each and Every Order You Sell.

What’s more, If you pass this information
on to a friend, or other interested party,
once they sign up for their
Free Website,
you will automatically receive a $2.00
commission every month for their
monthly order. This is
A One-Time Payment.
It continues
Each and Every Month, -Forever,
as long as they remain active and purchase at least one order
(consists of (2 ) 3.5 - 4 oz bags)
of Jerky Products per month. This product is So Good!,
Retention is NOT a problem.

YES, a One Order Per Month
purchase of
Jerky Products is the
ONLY Requirement
for your own Website and Jerky Store.

(You can even skip purchasing Jerky Products for up to two consecutive months, and still retain your Free Website -if you choose to.)

A Ha! I knew there was a Catch!

Ahh!, but this Catch is all about
enjoying 2 delicious bags of Jerky
once a month, that most likely
you would buy at the store anyway; and,
at the same time, creating a business
that can earn Money for yourself,
and your friends & partners as well.
Catch can truely SET YOU FREE!

-Now You Ask-
Yea, -But “How Much Is An
Order Of Jerky”?

Here’s Where We Get Roasted
Over The Coals -

We’re Talking $12.00
-But This Includes:

1. Two Delicious 4 OZ or 3.5 OZ Bags Of your
---Favorite Jerky Product choice.

2. ............
$1.98 Shipping ............

3. A
----with its ownShoppingCart,
Maintained & Updated
Absolutely FREE!

4. Your
Own Business, where the
----Sky is the Limit as to what ---
you can Earn.

This Sounds Like #@%*
Multi-Level Marketing

Guess What? -Actually, It Is;
-But With Some

1. There is NO Startup Fee.
2. There are
NO Thresholds to reach before you receive a payout.
3. There is
NO Inventory to Purchase.
4. There are
NO Complicated Downline Rules.

This is a NO-BRAINER!

A Real Business Where you are
giving your customers the same
opportunity that I am giving you

Everybody Wins!

And, As An Added
BONUS, you
even get a commission on any
product your enrollees sell on
their websites.

It amounts to 25¢ per 8 OZ (or Two 4 OZ) bags to start & can go up to
$1.00/ bag later on.
-We’ll cover that in a minute.

-Now You’re Starting To See-

How this could become a very
profitable side business, or even
a full-time business rather quickly.

This Business Practically
Sells Itself!

Now, before you sign up, be thinking of
Catchy Name for your website.
I called mine “JerkyProducts”.
It’s good to have several choices,
since just like the .com websites, some names
may have already been chosen.
This business is still on the ground floor;
and lots of names are still available.
This name is what you will use to introduce people
to your own unique website, where they will
sign up under you as their sponsor.

-It’s That Easy!

As the people you sponsor sign up their
Downlines, you will continue to get commissions as far down as:


Any sales on the 4th and 7th levels
will pay you a $1.00 commission per month.
The remaining levels all pay out 25¢ per month,
with the exception of your 1st level, which Always Pays
$2.00 per month.

Just Think!

As soon as you introduce 6 people,
who decide to take advantage of this great offer from you,
Your Jerky is
FREE from then on.
You pay out $12.00 per month;
and you receive $12.00 per month back
in commissions. It doesn’t get any easier than this Folks!
Please use this link to go to my site and sign up
I hope you feel that the information
I have shared here is worth allowing me
to become your sponsor in this

I am trying very hard to make this a
Not only for Me, but for You as well.
We can all have fun, and profit in this business.
Tell all your family& friends about your website.
Get them excited. It’s a great opportunity for everyone.
Even if they are not entreprenureal themselves, you can still
provide them with Great Jerky Products.
Once they taste these Jerky Products, they WILL
become hooked as customers, -if nothing else.
I wish all of you the best, and
for taking the time to read this message.

Mmm, Sounds Good! Show Me More:

Open My Door - TO SUCCESS!
NOTE: This Offer Available In USA Only At This Time.

To Just Purchase Our Jerky Products:
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Many Thanks!

If you have accepted this offer, -or are
Seriously Considering It,
watch our Jerky Of The Month Video.
his provides further helpful information.
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As a Special Thanks to all of you who took the time to read this, -even if you didn't accept this great offer, I have a special:

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